Laura ensures we care deeply about her character while keeping a tight rein on the histrionics. Director Ed Green certainly deserves credit for this and I would certainly like to see more of Urban Trendz work. For this 70 minute one woman show certainly held my attention in the sort of grip Ronnie and Reggie would have been proud of.
— Stagestruck

“That day in the pub, the day I first saw them, they were dressed identically. Dark wool coats, smart hats. The whole pub went quiet.”

It’s 1966. Lucy Fuller is 18 years old. She likes musicals and make up, and her job at Winston’s night club. One night Lucy is kidnapped by the Kray twins and locked in a flat with an escaped murderer. This is the terrifying story of Lucy’s time with Ronnie Kray, Reggie Kray, and Frank “The Mad Axeman” Mitchell.

“Where Do Little Birds Go?” is a colourful and poignant tale of crime, kidnap and lost innocence in the heart of the 1960s East End.

Directed by Ed Green. Laura Elizabeth will reprise the role of Lucy Fuller once more in this one woman show.

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