Our fabulous one woman show ‘Where Do Little Birds Go?’ was performed at the Lauriston Studio in Altrincham and at Davenham Theatre. This show is a gripping story and a fantastic example of when technical theatre and story telling compliment one another and work together.


Have you ever felt that life was more a grocery list than a box of chocolates?

Our Edinburgh 2018 production focusing on millenials and the pressures of a modern society to achieve a grocery list of life time successes. Select the picture for more information and pictures of this production.






This performance was our Edinburgh Festival debut in 2017. A one woman multimedia show, which re-told true stories of three young girls who had been trafficked into the UK and sold as sex slaves. Click on the image for more information.

As we are a newly formed company we hope to add more and more productions to this page in time to give a flavour of the productions we produce.

In the Company of Women, March 2016, directed by Ed Green.

"Rise & Shine" (stars Kelly Cowley)  Medea (with Vanessa Duffy, Denise Barry, Sue Elliott, Andrea Scott and Jo Oultram). Both these short plays by Dario Fo & Franca Rame. Also on the same night Laura Elizabeth Bason will star in "Where do Little Birds Go?" by Camilla Whitehill.

The show is called "In the Company of Women" : it is all about women and their lot in life, their struggles and fight for identity from Medea (based on the mythic story of Jason & Medea). "Rise & Shine" a factory worker with a child and sleeping partner trying to get ready for work in her crowded life and "Where do little birds go" about Lucy who gets caught up in 60s London as a teenager and is used by the Kray twins as a woman to “amuse” mad axeman Frank Mitchell while he is holed up in a London flat after being broken out of prison by the Krays.

Franca Rame writing about her 2 plays “The pieces are comic, grotesque, on purpose. First of all because we women have been crying for two thousand years. So let’s laugh now, even at ourselves.”

“Where do little birds go?” is a colourful and poignant tale of crime, kidnap and lost innocence in the heart of the 1960s East End.

That was a fantastic performance. So assured and vividly realised. I was completely transported.
— audience member 'Little Birds'