Urban Trendz Productions supports local artists in the community in putting on new writing. Most performances take place at our home theatre in Cheshire. 

We have hosted events for short plays by K.C Finn, K.C Finn's murder nights in Davenham and at the Story House in Chester and more recently Andy Hutching's The Chinese Room

If you are an artist and would like to collaborate we would love to hear from you, submit your information on the contact us form.


The Chinese Room is an original Science Fiction Thriller written and directed by Andy Hutchings.  Originally performed at Davenham Theatre in March 2018, due to popular demand it’s being reprised at Chester Little Theatre’s Salisbury Studio 6, 7 and 8 September at 8.00 pm.

What’s it about?

Seven days in a sealed bunker away from the

One impossible challenge:  determine who is human and who isn’t.

Lindsey, Tabitha and Natalie are three ordinary women with seven days to complete a single challenge:  figure out which one of them isn’t a human being at all.

Lured to an underground prison with the pretence of a friendly experiment, and the consequences of failure ambiguous and troubling, the three women are forced to question every facet of each other and themselves as the clock slowly ticks down. But how do you tell yourself apart from a machine built to imitate you? How you look? What memories you have? Laughter? Love?

An original Science Fiction Thriller about proving to yourself that you are a real person.

Written and Directed by Andy Hutchings

Starring Emma Cowap, Kelly Cowley and Lexie Fox