an admirable piece of theatre
These stories need to be told and when you leave afterwards with the fates of those girls in your head you know Laura has succeeded in what she was aiming to do
intriguing,true stories and
fantastically balanced with physical
theatre,acting and digital effects
cleverly conceived and wrapped up in an absorbing presentation that never falters.

We took our new piece of writing 'Young and Fresh' to Edinburgh Festival 2017. We have received fantastic feedback and we are currently looking to adapt this piece further. 

'Young and Fresh' shows the journey of reporter Alice who researches Sex Trafficking. She tells the stories of three young girls, two of whom she met and how they were trafficked into the UK from Syria, Nigeria and France.

We are excited with the plans that we have for this piece, what this space and social media for more news!

Our Artistic Director Ed Green took part in the Blue Blind Fold project which was aimed to create awareness of human trafficking and educate people on how they can report any suspicions.