The central actress and writer, portrayed with pin point accuracy what happens when you have tried and tried to meet the expected milestones; degree, career, engagement, marriage and children but life has other plans; anxiety creeps in. Then there is further anxiety of not being able to cope and burdening others.

The accuracy is immediate from the first scene; where she is stood trying to breathe calmly, take in surroundings but, looking at anything or hearing anything birds, cars, people is another distraction that makes her want to hyperventilate rather than breathe calmly.

As well as looking at her story, it looks at the difficulties of someone trying to support someone with anxiety. Possibly not easy viewing for some of suicide is a trigger issue. But hopefully the accuracy, as though someone is speaking your mind will show people at least they are not alone; because of course there is no easy option but knowing not only one struggling is something if not necessarily comforting when feel so bad.

For those without these experiences it may still be hard to understand but I can honestly say it was very authentic. It is being shown at The Space on the mile.

Written and directed by Laura Elizabeth

At theSpace on the Mile, Space 39 Venue 3. From 3 – 11 (excluding 5) August 2018 at 18:50.

Have you ever felt that life was more a grocery list than a box of chocolates?

Focusing on millenials and the pressures of a modern society to achieve a grocery list of life time successes.

The performance focuses on mental health of 20 and 30 year olds. Nobody's life is a secret anymore thanks to social media, our newsfeeds are filled with people ticking off milestone life events while others struggle. Her is 20-something with her own 5-year plan in place to ensure her list is fulfilled but life events put a spanner in the works. As Her begins to drown in the pressures of society in an attempt to overcome these events, her friends go on a mission to convince her to have a simple day, eat, be comfortable and not give up just yet because things will get better. Relationships are put to the test as friends try to overcome their own issues to try and help free Her from the anxiety that is gaining more control over her mind and body.

Stories are told by directly addressing the audience asking questions about their life and explore the stories of the characters on stage. Dialogue is accompanied by music and physical theatre movements inspired by Frantic Assembly and DV8. The piece will relate to anybody who has ever felt they have lost their way in life and could help people understand mental health in young adults.

This will be our second production in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Last year the company’s one woman show, Young and Fresh used multimedia and physical theatre to tell three true stories of girls trafficked into the UK and used as sex workers. The piece was described as ‘cleverly conceived and wrapped up in an absorbing presentation that never falters.' For Mission: Her, the production team have liaised with those experiencing mental health issues, coping mechanisms and therapists who address mental health.


•           GP (you will be re-directed  to the Out of Hours GP service)

•           NHS 111 service

•           Samaritans: 116 123

•           MIND information helpline 0300 123 3393

•           Rethink Mental Illness 0300 5000 927

•           National Domestic Violence Helpline: 0808 200 0247

•           CALM Helpline (males only): 0800 585 858

•           PAPYRUS (prevention of young suicide) 0800 068 4141

Brilliant production, insightful, provocative, moving and at times funny. A must see! 5 STARS!
Really enjoyed it, the message of the piece came across really well.
That was fantastic! Just right, explained the difficulty recognising, not knowing how to ask for help, how to help yourself let able be able to tell others, and feeling like what’s there to help won’t work...wonderful!